Media Curator at Veriheal

Hello all,

I am beyond ecstatic to announce I have been hired as Media Curator at Veriheal. It's thrilling to be able to contribute to the awareness of cannabis and the destigmatization of the use of it in recreational and medical fashion while utilizing creativity to do so.

I am far from retired from acting and producing but you will see a lot more energy and content coming from Veriheal's social media accounts than perhaps my own. I have never opened up on this blog about my day job at any point and perhaps not publicly save for stand up performances. Frankly, as any moonlighter knows it can be extremely hard to conjure energy for multiple things day in and day out but I've been fortunate enough to be blessed with enough time and energy to build a portfolio that allowed me to pursue a job like this.

Please give Veriheal's accounts a follow and check me out on the blog to stay up to date.


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